Stack of coins illustrating website prices

How much is a website?

How long is a piece of string? Websites vary so much, so there's no definitive answer.

The main factor is time. The larger and more complex the site the more time is needed to design, code and test it. If you need help with copywriting or your photos need a lot of enhancing or manipulating this adds to the cost. The bigger the budget, the more refined and polished we can make your website and present you in the best light.

Guide Prices

Standard rate

£30 p.h.

Single Page overview

from £52

4-5 page brochure site

from £250

15 page site

from £700

Custom eCommerce site

from £700

Added extras

We can add things to your site to give it extra "wow" factor, from Flash™ animated elements to photo slideshows and galleries. We use things like tabbed panels, tool tips, collapseable content; so as not to overwhelme visitors with content but still make sure the information they want is there.