Guidance on sending your photos

You can send your photos to us for digital manipulation and retouching by post or email. Sending by email entitles you to a £2 discount!

Sending Photos by Post
post your photo

Please send your photos in secure packaging. Sandwich your photo with stiff card or use a board-backed envelope to prevent folding or creasing in transit.

If the photo is in a glass frame and cannot be removed without causing damage to the photo then please send "as is" using plenty of bubble wrap or a heavy duty "Jiffy bag".

Mark the envelope "Please do not bend".

Send your photo to:

2graphic Photo Manipulation
25 Farringdon Grove

You can also send digital photographs on CD/DVD or memory card. We suggest sending items by Recorded Delivery for piece of mind and tracking, or Special Delivery for better security and insurance.

NB: 2graphic cannot be held liable for items lost or damaged in the post.

Sending Photos by Email
email your photo

If your photo is already in a digital format or you have access to a good scanner then you can send your photos electronically. You then save £2 on the cost of work to your photograph!

If scanning please set your scanners resolution to a minimum of 300dpi - more for small photos or those needing enlargement (i.e. less than 6"x4"). Save the photo as JPEG at a high quality setting (least compression).

As further guidance; a 6"x4" print's pixel dimensions would be around 1200x1800 and a 10"x8" photo at 300dpi would have a pixel size of 3000x2400.

We can accept most image formats but try and keep the file size below 3MB or you may run into problems and long transfer times when emailing your picture.

Include your name and details in the email and send pictures to:

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