Removing Objects & People from Photos

A popular type of photograph manipulation is removing unwanted objects or people from the scene. It might be wires and telegraph poles spoiling a beautiful landscape or someone doing "bunny ears" ruining a group photo. We can "airbrush" out the offending items or people.

Below are some examples of our past work where the photos have had distracting objects digitally erased or even whole people taken out of the picture. Key factors for price are usually the complexity of the image and size of the item to be removed.

Example #1: Removing a person from a photo
original group photograph
photo with person removed

For whatever reason the guy in the black shirt was no longer wanted in this photo. He was digitally erased and the rest of the image moved along to cover the gap. As a finishing little touch the hand that was on his shoulder was moved to be on the older gentleman's shoulder. The whole photo was also enhanced to brighten it up.

Example #2: Foreground object airbrushed out
Original Photo
object airbrushed out

The glass with the straws spoils this picture somewhat. Not a problem for one of our digital photo artists. We can "airbrush" out the offending object using other parts of the photo to paint with. The finished photo is enhanced for a more colourful and vibrant picture.

Example #3: People removed from photograph
group picture
removing people from photo

The customer wanted a few of the people removing from this photo. We digitally erased the five "offenders" and created a new arm for the girl on the left which wasn't visible before. The final image was cropped and the customer gets a much less crowded photo with their favourite celebrity.

Example #4: Digitally Erasing unwanted objects
original digital image
objects digitally erased

A good photo of a cute little puppy but this would be even better with the red lead taken out. This was a fairly simple task given the uniform background. Cropping the photo gives prominence to the subject and removed the distracting garden from the top. A tweak of the contrast and sharpness and this little fellow is ready to be enlarged to a grand 16"x12" poster print.

Example #5: Rescuing a bad wedding photograph
Original wedding Photo
rescued & enhanced picture

A so called "professional" photographer had provided a very poor set of images from this customers wedding day. This is one of several we rescued and was the only group photo of the family taken!

This needed a lot of work, the background was changed, the bag the little girl is carrying was digitally erased and the tops of the adults heads were recreated as they'd been cropped off the original. Final enhancement was done to correct the colours, contrast & sharpness so we're left with a much more fitting wedding photograph.

Example #6: Digitally airbrush out a person
Original Photograph
photo with person digitally airbrushed out

Now you see them, now you don't. This woman wanted to be by herself on this photo so one of our Photo Artists was able to digitally airbrush out the person on the right. By "painting" with other sections of the photograph we can seamlessly get rid of unwanted objects and people.


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