Photo Manipulation - "Glamour" Retouching

Is your photo in need of some professional retouching? Get the same treatment as the magazine cover models do with our glamour retouching service. We can remove spots & acne or any skin blemishes to smooth out the skin tone of an image. Perhaps you want digital cosmetic surgery? We can remove bags & wrinkles, change the nose or mouth shape, enhance or change eye colouring and more.

Example #1: Digital Plastic Surgery
Original studio portrait
photo with retouching work done

This lady had lost photos of her from her youth in a fire so our services were called upon to make this photo look how she might from her youth. We performed our "Digital Plastic Surgery" to do the following: smooth out skin removing any spots or blemishes, remove the bags from around the eyes, make the lips fuller, reshape the tip of the nose, enhance the cleavage, reduce her right arm, enhance the colour of the eyes. The final photo was cropped slightly as requested and at least ten years taken off.

This close up section better shows the retouching work done to the face.

Close up before
after digital face lift
Example #2: Remove spots and acne
photo with spots
spots and acne removed

Don't worry if that teenage complexion is spoiling your photographs our manipulation service can remove all signs of spots, acne or acne scars and any other skin blemishes.

Example #3: Removing acne marks from a photo
picture with acne scars
acne spots digitally erased

Photograph #2 to show how we were able to "airbrush" and digitally erase the spots on this teenagers face.


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