Examples of Background Replacement

Some photo manipulation examples below where we have changed the background. The cost of this service depends on the photo and how complicated an outline the subject(s) have. Something with wispy hair or fur against an intricate detailed background will take longer than something in a plain neutral setting.

If you don't have a photo you'd like us to use as the new background then we have access to a library of stock photography which can be used as the replacement background.

Example #1: Remove people and replace background
 original photo
people removed and background replaced

We were asked if we could remove the adults from this photo and change the setting to something a bit prettier. Not a problem. We sourced a new background photo, added it in and corrected the backlighting on the three boys. While we were at it the left boys button hole flower was straightened up.

Example #2: Add new background with restoration
damaged cut out photo
Restored photo with new background

After our Intermediate Photo Restoration service had been used to repair this photo it was combined with our photo manipulation service to create a new background. A fitting mottled photography studio backdrop was created and the harsh cut-out edges were smoothed into the new setting.

Example #3: Remove background and add objects
cat photo
background removed objects added

Something a little different was requested as a novel Christmas gift. We isolated the cat and added a "Santa Sack" from another photograph so it looks like this little chappy is delivering Christmas presents.

Example #4: Change background & remove timestamp
original digital photograph
portrait studio background added

We were able to take this amateur digital photo and make it look like a professional studio portrait picture. The time stamp was removed along with the background. After colour correction a new background was created and the final photo cropped for better composition.

Example #5: Background removal and red eye correction
original cat picture
backing removed and red eye correction

A very distracting background spoils this photo along with red-eye from the flash. We corrected the redeye problem and enhanced the blue of the eyes. The background was removed to a plain black one as the customer requested and the photo cropped for a more pleasing composition.


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