Examples of Artistic/Graphic manipulation

This section shows some of the more artistic manipulation work we have done which usually involves adding graphics & text or turning a photo into a pencil sketch or painting.

This type of photo manipulation makes an ideal and very individual present. Have a look at the examples below some of which made personal presents for birthdays and anniversaries.

If you have an idea for something then feel free to run it by us and we'll let you know how feasible it is and give you an idea of the price.

Example #1: Graphic Design treatment - mock Gig Poster
Digital photograph
graphic design treatment - gig poster

This ordinary photo was turned into a mock gig poster to make a unique birthday present. The customer only knew she wanted something a bit different and sent through a couple of photos. We latched onto the guitar picture and suggested a rock gig theme. The photo was given a graphical treatment to posterize it. The background was removed and a new one created with a crumpled effect fitting of the style in question. Suitable text was added to finish off this personalised poster.

Example #2: Photo turned into a pencil sketch
Original old Photograph
Converted to pencil sketch

We can manipulate photos to make them look like drawings or paintings. This usually works better on landscapes or pet pictures. The photo in this example was turned into a pencil sketch and then output onto special textured Watercolour Paper.

Example #3: Personalised Graphic Design for T-Shirt
 Photo for t-shirt
Graphic design created for t-shirt

Special occasions call for special presents. This graphic was created from a play-on-words of a popular butter-like spread, matching the styling of the original product. The photo was enhanced, the head isolated and added to the design. The final graphic was put onto a T-Shirt to make a superb personalised gift.

Custom T-Shirt Graphic being worn
Example #4: Personalised Gift - Mock Film Poster
origianl digital image
Mock film poster

For a special anniversary we were asked to create something that looked like a movie poster. The brief was very loose - black & white and romantic.We asked for a few personal details about the couple - how they met, names of any family or pets they may like using, meaningful places, etc. so we could come up with some suitable wording. The final design was printed at 10"x8" and made an excellent surprise present.

Example #5: Photo Manipulation with Text
Original Photo
 Manipulated picture with text

For a personalised christmas gift we were asked to come up with something amusing with the photo supplied. The background was replaced with a wintery one and a Santa's hat and bag were added in. A caption was devised to finish off this image which was framed as a novel christmas present for this lucky bunny's owner.


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