Adding in People & Photo Collages

These photo manipulation examples show where we have added in objects or people from other photographs. The cost to do this depends on the number of people to be added, the photos and how complicated an outline the subject(s) have. Something with wispy hair or fur against an intricate detailed background will take longer than something in a plain neutral setting.

Results depend on the similarity between photos. We can compensate for lighting differences to some extent but it will be hard to match a photo taken outside in bright sunlight to one taken in a dark room.

We have also included photo collages in this section. We can take a number of photos and merge/blend them into one. The example shown has had the backgrounds completely removed from the subjects but these can be retained and blended together.

Example #1: Adding people in from other photos
separate photos
photo with people added

It would seem a couple of gentlemen missed being in this wedding group shot.With a bit of our photo wizardry they now appear in the photo! The arm & wine glass were also removed from the added gentleman on the left and the translucent veil compensated for.

Example #2: Merge a person from one photo with another
original pictures
final merged photo

Graduation day for this young lady but unfortunately they never got a family group photo. Fortunately they found 2graphic and we were able to take the mother from one shot and merge her into the other. As both original photos were taken in the same setting we could take the background with the mother and extend the whole picture to create a lovely landscape photograph.

Example #3: Remove background and merge photos
individual photographs
final composite

Not people but a couple of cute kittens in separate photos. We removed the backgrounds from each picture and then added these together to create a brand new photo. Lighting and shadows were added as a final touch to make this amazing black and white photograph.


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