Colour Tinting Service

Give that drab black & white photo a new lease of life by adding colour! Our digital colouring service can be used to hand tint your old photos.

Price is dependant on how complex the photo is and the separate areas to colour. You can combine our colour tinting service with a photo restoration for some truly eye opening results.

Below are some recent examples of our digital colour tinting service.

Example #1: Restoration & Digital Colouring
Old photo affected by chemical reaction
photograph after digital colouring

A chemical reaction has affected this old photograph. Once scanned into the computer we can repair these effects and enhance the image till we have a good black & white print to work from. Using the colour information given one of our Photo Artists carefully tints the image in the computer. The final results surprised even us.

Example #2: Colour tinting old sepia print
original sepia photo
photo with colour tinting work

After enhancing the contrast and sharpness this print is ready to have some colour added. A straightforward scene that doesn't have too many areas of colour so this is covered under our Basic Colour Tinting Service. The final results made a great Mothers Day present for one lucky mum.

Example #3: A Hand Colour Tint done digitally
old sepia wedding photograph
Picture with colour tint applied

This old wedding photo has faded with age so some restoration work was needed to correct the contrast and balance before we started with the colour tint process. The colours were good guesswork as they weren't known. The finished results; a fresh new photograph given a modern lease of life.

Example #4: Digital Colour Tinting of B&W photo
old monochrome photograph
digitally coloured balck and white print

A tired looking monochrome photo is given an overhaul. After our basic digital colour tinting service this yellowed black and white print looks more colourful & vivid that it ever was - now worthy enough to go on the wall.